Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Money and Happiness?

Ambani-Brothers_0It took a non-graduate, barely literate person from Gujarat to establish one of India's biggest industrial organization. The revolution he brought out was unprecedented in the country's history, which put the country on the world's radar, poured money in the hands of common people, and took apart the government's pathetic financial policies. Such was its magnitude that it even compelled one of the finest film directors in the country to make a fantastic film inspired by his life.

Merely two years after his death, it took two highly intelligent, educated people—one a dropout from the Stanford Business School, the other, an alumni of Wharton—to split up his indomitable legacy, in front of his widow's eyes, into two halves.

Its been five years after the split, and they are still not satisfied, as they make an attempt to settle their differences in the country's biggest institution of justice.

Money, as they say, is one of the most insignificant factors contributing to personal happiness. Otherwise, why would the world's richest Indian, boasting the country's first billion dollar house fight over petty issues?


  1. Its always humans to want more...

  2. dude ... the issues are not petty ... its also in billions :)

  3. I think the point of disagreement is that they did not split it in "halves"... with both sort of believing he got the "smaller half" :P

  4. @Pari: I agree. Ultimately, all I wanted to say was that this is most probably not the reason why they started to earn money in the first place.