Friday, October 16, 2009

Prevention and Cure

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India has undergone major changes ever since the MNCs have started to engulf the metropolitans. The pay packets have gone higher, infrastructure has improved tremendously, the offices have gotten better, roadside shops have given their way to expensive malls… the western culture has started to creep in.

A friend of mine tweeted -- "A pizza comes to our homes faster than a police in time of need."

The delicious cheese of a Veggie Delight from a Pizza Hut melting in the mouth offers a tremendous experience. It also injects that dreaded particles/matter in our bodies which gives fits to any partially unfit person—calories.

A moment on the lips, forever on the hips.

So the saying goes, people—especially working in MNCs—take extra effort by running endless miles on a rubber platform inside air conditioned corridors, or pumping iron twice the weight of their body, in an effort to lose the flesh gained "forever" on the hips and other parts of the body.

People make excuses while eating a chapati, "mein roti sookhi hi khata(i) hoon." ("I eat my chapati without ghee."). They stay away from sweets in an effort to reduce the fat. The most ironic of them being, people enjoying a "Diet" Coke alongside a Peppy Panneer Pizza.

Just as a note, "people" also includes me.

'Prevention' has always taken a backseat over 'Cure.' I regret those endless slices of Pizza now that I 'occasionally' exhaust myself in closed quarters amidst several other guys—I would probably not have minded had Maria been running alongside me, but unfortunately that is not the case.

So, where was I getting from this?

It has always been a case of convenience taking precedence over common sense. And the new place where I have just moved offers several such examples in daily life.

The moment I entered this country, I have been overwhelmed with variety. Where in India, I was content with buffalo milk (diluted with 50% water), I suddenly find endless types of milk! Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin A and D, Fat Free, 1% reduced fat, 2% fat, half and half pure milk… the list goes on.

My traditional "milk-corn flakes" breakfast no longer exist, because there are countless choices of morning cereals.

Extend this to almost every type of food item, and other things of day-to-day usage.

Disturbingly, most of these things are not natural. Hybrid is the buzz in this country. Hybrid milk, hybrid vegetables and fruits… everything is inorganic.

Be it cows being genetically treated to produce extraordinary amounts of milk, Chicken bred scientifically to have extra pair of legs and breasts, or apples treated with chemicals to make them insanely sweet, almost no common food item found in US is natural.

After discovering the disadvantages, special 'organic' food items are retailed—just a fancy term of selling naturally produced food items with minimal manipulation—at much higher prices than the usual processed ones.

Similarly, the overflow of fuel consuming BMWs, Mercedes, and Mustangs have given way to 'environment friendly' cars like Toyota Prius which refuses to reach 65 mph on a freeway even after pressing the accelerator.

BMW is the ultimate driving machine… no doubt about that! But the unpopularity of Mr. Bush over the Iraq war is a direct result of the same.

Prevention is better than Cure. But humans never realize. At every level—be it a frustrated call center guy working late and living on Pizza, or the organizers of Formula 1, responsible for burning away thousands of gallons of fuel in a single race.


  1. or your jokes which continue to use up litres of blood :)
    On a serious note, have you thought how much fuel you burn when you run your laptop battery, computer at work nearly 24 hrs a day, 365 days a year for last 3.5 years? But, the argument there is that you are developing stuff...15 races of formula1 help to develop the engines, tyre for the to a great extent...otherwise owning a ferrari or Mercedes will be no different than a normal car...

  2. yaar, ye jokes to acche the :(

    yeah, software industry is guilty to burn tremendous amounts of fuel as well, in the name of 'bringing the world closer.' (which it is actually doing). but in the same way, F1 has a valid reason too.. although, that reason is not that important as that of IT... but then this is always gonna be the case, IT is not the most important thing as well..

  3. So what is the solution you are going to offer or probably a suggestion which you want to follow strictly?

    We know the rights and wrongs but we don't care to follow coz we love saying, We are like this only.

    Talk about Pizza, my mouth waters looking at the pizza slice in your picture and I can't help myself thinking Dominoes' Cheese burst :)

  4. @Rock: You didn't see the title of this blog? ;-)

    anyway, haven't had a Pizza here till now :(

  5. You get loads of varieties there don't you and once you are used to the taste there, your Pizza hut and Domnioes stuff tastes like bread pieces.

  6. I'm vegetarian, Rock. There is only ONE variety of Veg. Pizza here. Dominoes and Pizza Hut is heaven, compared to what we get here.

  7. U look different after the consumption of inorganic food.
    Hair changed, weight changed but i hope every other thing remains d same.
    The great indian heart is visible in the blog.
    A blog with a social msg..

  8. Good perspective... i know prevention has always taken a backseat.. unless its too late

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