Saturday, April 9, 2011

Rekindling Hope from Anna Hazare and the Indians

There are many things to like about the movement started by Anna Hazare and Arvind Kejriwal. Three of them are important to highlight: public awareness, national unity and future vision. There have been various movements in the past like this, the great man himself had spearheaded some of them. This time it was different, a bit like what happened during Jessica Lal murder case.

Public Awareness & National Unity
This was one of the rare times, that Indians got united as a whole. I can only think of two instances before this when this happened: Jessica Lal murder case, and a week back when India won the World Cup. In fact, 2nd April is even more important now that it was on that very day. The euphoria from the win, the spirit of nationalism, that fresh enthusiasm of national unity, everything was still alive and very much inside our hearts when the movement by Annaji started.
The second was the bill itself. Internet made sure the contents were available to any person in or outside the country at any time (s)he wanted. And that made even the common man (I will NEVER use the term "aam-aadmi" after this) at least partially aware of what exactly Annaji wanted. Even if somebody does not like to follow the online news, they were made aware of the issue through facebook, twitter or online blogs (which are more lucrative mediums to follow). And this brings us to the next point ...

Future Vision
Everybody knows that the bill is not perfect, and has its flaws. In fact, some say it might even lead to worse conditions such as dictatorship or have enough scope for manipulation by the government just like the CBI or the IT department. And we know that the bill is not the end means to end corruption, it is only the start. Which is why I was heartened after reading Annaji and Arvind Kejriwal's comments that the celebrations for the Independence Day will start with yet another war for independence if the bill is not passed to its completion by then. And these comments form the headlines of the news and were the first comments by the fighters right after the government conceded to the public -- when the spirit and enthusiasm of people was still fresh and alive after the campaign, when the hearts were still pounding with nationalism.
Indians have more faith in these campaigns now because of successful campaigns held in the past, and are more than prepared to spare a few days of a hectic week to extend their support. And now that these campaigns are not just limited to the rush of adrenaline, but are also assisted by the required knowledge, and future vision, the end goal looks nearer than ever. There is much more hope today, and its a sign that things are changing.
Rather than still being surrounded by the web of cynicism and skepticism, I am prepared to believe this time, and even if it fails, give it another try. Just like this child ...